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Tuesday, January 10


This message by Albert Isterro of Cairo, Egypt, made me pause and take a look at my life. I hope it does the same for you.

"I live in an apartment building in the center of Cairo, Egypt. One day I took one of the two elevators of the building up to my apartment on the seventh floor. As soon as I got into the elevator, I realized that one of my neighbors had been in the elevator before me. The scent of his pipe tobacco still filled the air. The uniqueness of the aroma caused me to begin thinking of the uniqueness of my friend - and I smiled.

"The next day, while going down in the elevator, I had a similar experience to that of the previous day - but with a completely different aroma. I was quite sure that another one of my neighbors had just been in the elevator because her lovely perfume was still in the air. I smiled again as I thought of her.

"Each one of us makes a particular impression on others. When people hear our names, they have a certain image, a certain feeling; or a certain savor comes to mind. What image do people have when your name is mentioned?"

We are the incense of Christ's presence among those who receive His salvation and those who reject it. - 2 Corinthians 2:15 (Clear Word Bible)

Submitted by Dee Hindman

From http://www.witsandwisdom.org
Used with permission

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