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Saturday, March 18

Real Wealth

I was walking with my youngest son around the lake near our home today. It was a beautiful day for it. A warm wind caressed our faces as we walked. Birds sang joyously. Crickets chirped and frogs croaked happily. A lovely butterfly or perhaps it was an angel in disguise flew in circles around us. Then the sun which had been hiding behind the clouds broke through and bathed us in a glorious, golden light.

As I stopped for a second to watch the Heavenly sunlight filter through the towering oaks, maples, and pines I felt a peace and a joy in my heart that was overwhelming. It felt as if I was wrapped in a warm blanket of God's love.

Just then my little son laughed, smiled, and hugged me. I knew at that very second what it felt like to be the richest man in the world. I knew at that very moment what real wealth was.

Real wealth is not measured in the size of your bank account or the price of your clothes, car, or house. Real wealth is measured instead by the amount of beauty and joy you take into your heart and the amount of love you share from your soul.

The next time you want to see how rich you truly are then look at the number of hugs you give. See the number of smiles you share with your family, friends, and people you meet. Realize the number of kind words you speak and loving, helpful acts you bless this world with. Feel the countless blessings of God's beauty and love that are showered upon you.

God loves us all so much and gives us so many treasures everyday to enjoy and share.

Let's not pass up on the real wealth of this world. Let's instead invite it into our soul and share it with everyone everywhere. Let's all become billionaires of joy, love, beauty, hugs, smiles, laughter, kindness, goodness, sharing, and delight.

Joseph J. Mazzella

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