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Saturday, April 15

Daily Bible Reading

Double click on the verses to read the verses online. In the new window, click on the speaker icon to listen to the verses.

Old Testament: Deuteronomy 19:1 - 20:20

New Testament Luke 15:1 - 32

Psalms/Proverbs Psalm 45:1-9

Based on NIV Seasons of Reflection 365-Day Bible

The Devotional Bible (Hardcover)
by Max Lucado (editor); Price: $25.19 (-37%)
Customer Review: I love the word of God and have perused almost every kind of bible I have been able to come in contact with. Saying that, this is the bible I choose to read daily. Not only do you get a little of everything Max Lucado has written, but the translation is easy to understand while being true to the Word. Highly ...
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