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Thursday, May 4

Beyond The Storm

It was evening as I climbed aboard the jumbo jet. I was tired. It had been a hectic, emotionally stormy week. I had endured more than the usual schedule changes, telephone calls, interruptions, children's activities, and arguments.

I settled into my seat, relieved to see the plane was nearly empty. Maybe I could get some much needed rest. The giant plane took off and climbed up over the condominium complexes hugging the white stretch of beach bordering the deep blue sea of the Atlantic Ocean.

As we passed over Fort Lauderdale, I looked down at the twinklinglights reflected in the many canals and waterways and realized why our city is referred to as the Venice of America. I never tire of the beauty of South Florida.

I settled down, grateful for the quiet, Suddenly I noticed dark, ominous clouds off the left side of the wing. Soon bolts of lightning began to streak across the dark clouds.

I sat mesmerized by this vicious storm only a few miles away. It was frightening, yet fascinating. It brought to mind many of the tempests I had experienced in my life.

Financial storms, physical storms, emotional storms, relational storms, So many different types of storms with varying degrees of intensity.

Some had been as fearful and terrifying as this large thunderhead, others had been sudden, Some storms had resembled a weather front that moves in and wont go away.

As I sat there contemplating the severity of the weather outside the window, and the storm that had raged within my own life, I suddenly saw beyond the storm.

There, along the horizon, was one of the most magnificent sunsets I had ever been priveleged to witness, Brilliant gold blending with deep crimson fading into multiple shades of yellow, peach, apricot, and rose. What absolute, breathtaking beauty.

I watched with wonder and awe.

From the vantage point of 42,000 feet up, I knew that at any moment this formidable thunderstorm would probably hit our home west of Fort Lauderdale.

But I could also see beyond the storm, and knew that in just a short space of time, those who would be hit by the storm, would also experience incredible beauty. I was suddenly aware of how God must look upon the storms that hit our lives.

Often I have been in the midst of a fearful squall, and like the disciples, cried out, " Lord don't you care? Don't you see that I can't take any more?"

Of course He cares. In 1 Peter He reminds us that He cares for us. We are His personal concern. But, from His vantage point, He also sees the glory that is to follow.

His message? Don't be discouraged in the midst of life's storms. Be assured that God cares and that His plans for us include a future and a hope.

Author Unknown

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