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Saturday, May 27

Is It Any Wonder

Is it any wonder that the world is filled with pain
when we set aside the beauty for our own material gain?

Is it any wonder that lovers' hearts grow dim
when we do not hold in honor the love we find within?

Is it any wonder that the homeless are weak and frail
when we put them out of house and home to seek another trail?

Is it any wonder that nature falls to ruin and rubble
because we take with no return allowing it to crumble?

Is it any wonder that children are lead astray
because we did not take the time to show the proper way?

Is it any wonder that evil is strong and bold
when we do not see goodness and let our hearts grow cold?

Is it any wonder racism flourishes, my friend,
when we do not see PEOPLE, but just the color of skin?

Is it any wonder that friendships die and fade
when we forget the reasons in which they were first made?

Is it any wonder our world is scarred and polluted
when we allow our industries to strip it as they're suited?

Is it any wonder there is such depression and sorrow
when we do not seem to care what will happen tomorrow?

Is it any wonder we do not see the values of our brothers
when we hold our own selves above the needs of others?

Is it any wonder our world is like it is
when we sit and grumble with actions we don't give?

Is it any wonder we wait in fear of Judgment Day
when we do the things we do, then forget to pray?

Author Unknown

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