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Thursday, September 14

If only I knew...

If only I knew... I would never hear your voice again,
I would cherish every word... every inflection of your voice..with all my heart.

If only I knew... This was our last hug,
I would hold you tight and hope to never let go.

If only I knew this was the last time... the very last time...
I would see you, I would take the time to treasure everything about you.

If only I knew I had the chance to pray with you one more time,
I would take your hands and welcome God's presence to surround us.

If only I knew that disagreements do not mean a lack of love,
I would have been hurt less often.

If only I knew...that even when everything in my life seems to go wrong and comes crumbling down around me,
even when my heart is broken, God has promised to be with me.

If only I knew...tomorrow was not coming,
I would ask you to please forgive me for any wrong I may have done to you.

If only I knew...that this was our final kiss,
I would use it to tell you that you are my best friend and the love of my life.

If only I knew I could never share another day with you,
I would make the most of every second.

If only I knew...this was the last gift I could give you,
I would surprise you with something that says nothing compares with you.

If only I knew...your hand would never hold mine again,
I would wish this moment would never end.

If only I knew...that a break in our relationship might go unresolved,
I would do everything in my power to mend it.

If only I knew that no word of love is ever lost,
I would have allowed my tongue more freedom to truly speak from my heart.

If only I knew...that sometimes it's better not to know,
I would have spared myself heartaches and cares I was never meant to carry.

If only I knew...that grief and heartache could be so deep and devastating,
I would have been there more often for others.

If only I knew...how little I actually understood about you,
I would listen closer to your words, search out your thoughts, and seek to know the deepest desires of your heart.

If only I knew that my memories of you would be so precious,
I would take the time to carefully gather your life story.

If only I knew...that friendships are so precious,
I would have never taken anyone for granted...especially you.

If only I knew...that phone call was the last we'd ever have,
I would speak only loving words.

If only I knew...I was about to lose your loving smile,
I would thank you for all the joy you've brought to my life.

If only I knew...the love and strength and support you've always given to me were about to end,
I would run to your side and thank you for the million times you've made a difference...the difference...in my life.

If only I knew...that something so stupid and wrong would hurt you so badly,
I would take a stand and never let it happen.

If only I knew that everything depends upon what you believe, and that ignorance is no excuse,
i would have been more vigilant to put truth into my heart.

If only I knew that real happiness is a state of mind, and that there's no substitute for a good attitude,
I would have been more thankful for what I had, and the chance to live and to work and to love.

If only I knew this was our last walk ,
I would try to express my feelings for you, even though my words have always been inadequate.

If only I knew...I could never lay with you again,
I would cuddle you tight, refuse to ruse, and enjoy just having you there.

Lance Wubbels

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