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Wednesday, October 18

A Good Look

There isn't one of us on God's green earth
Who hasn't felt our share of sorrow
And in our grief we sometimes feel
That we kind of dread tomorrow.

I too was one who felt that way
Until just recently
Until I took a good, hard look
At the world surrounding me.

I saw people who were starving
I saw hate and violence too
I saw people who were all alone
With no one to turn to.

The more I looked, the more I felt
Ashamed for feeling sad
Compared to some of these poor souls
I didn't have it bad.

I am sure there isn't one of us
Who hasn't said that life's unfair
I'm sure there isn't one of us
Without a cross to bear

But when you're feeling overwhelmed
And crying out the blues
Remember there is always some
Who would gladly trade you shoes!

Author Unknown

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