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Saturday, December 30


Thank you, Father, for all You have given me,
much more than I could even count.

For sunlight that streams into my window
and warms my weary heart.
For moonlight on the nights I called out to You
and let You wash away my tears.

For people who love me when I seem most unlovable
but when I need their love the most.
For giving them the grace.
For holding my heart when it is trembling.

For being that guiding Light when I am lost in the
dark, with nowhere to go.
For caring enough to send the very best.
For the peace that my prayers are answered.

For the power you give to such a weak soul as mine
when I reach out and touch you.
When I say "Dear God..." and You flow through me
and suddenly everything makes sense again.

For taking away the confusion when my heart is
aching and when I do not understand.
For soothing the fears that plague me so I can
hardly move.

For putting a smile on my face and laughter in my
heart at the strangest times.
For music which causes my very soul to sing
and soar on the clouds towards You.

For eyes to see the beauty of Your world,
each towering tree and misty sunset, each smiling face.
For voices which communicate love.
To a heart so dry and hungering, they are like water.

For being the foremost of those voices, Lord,
and the One who causes the rest to sing.
For the thrill of a new idea.
For the sweet serenity of a prayer answered, a
sweetness I hold close to me like a treasure, and
I say "My God loves me."
For loving me enough to not answer all my prayers.

For wisdom to know what's best for me,
and the never-ending love to always dispose it.
For miracles, and the joy of knowing You ever deeper.
For loving me in the midst of my sin and bestowing blessings
I could never deserve.

For the peace that enfolds me
with the simple knowledge that
"Jesus cares."
For having the awesome power to move even the most
formidable mountains.
Mountains against which I struggle and rage and
cry, they are too big for me and I stand defeated.

But You who made the stars and the earth and all
the heavens can move them with the snap of a
finger. And leave me awe-struck with nothing to do
but bow down to You majesty
with "Praise the Lord!" on my lips.

And you say,
"I'm not through with you yet, my child.
Show me the next mountain..."
For the great adventure of a life lived with You!

Thank You for being there when my spirit cries
For wiping the tears away from my eyes
For holding my heart close
For loving me when I need it the most

For touching me with moonlight
When I call out to You in the empty night
For the stars and the peace and for my tears
And the feeling of You that surrounds me, soothing my fears

For the times when You have sustained me
And I didn't even know it was You,
too blind to see that over all I do
is the guiding touch of Your hand
Jesus, thank you for allowing me to understand

Author unknown

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  • At 2/14/2008 11:23 AM, Anonymous TravisK said…

    Just felt the need to share my friend's thoughts with you;


    As Christ said; “I will know you by the love you have for one another”

    Your eyes tell the story of your needs, your wants,
    Essence of your soul shines illuminating light,
    Words you hide are shut up in your bones,
    Your thoughts held captive in your spirit without reflection,
    My love is to worried about how to please you,
    Kneading your heart you try to understand,
    Blinded your love of your soulless parts,
    I comfort you knowing that you were upset,
    Promises you made lapsed in your sleep,
    My beauty sometimes was only skin deep,
    Love sensed your distinct will,
    I was worried about how you looked at me,
    Abstracts in your own existence,
    Conforming our souls to dazzle in our love,
    Loving as you can be gave us our destiny,
    Efforts wrenched your mind to think,
    Life within and without, fears to dream,
    Part of me is lost without you,
    Your heart speaks in a soulful weep, when questioned,
    Our wheels of love, linking our souls aggression,
    Warmth awakening to cradles this love.

    Conviction arrested the heart of your soul,
    I stopped talking when I thought you didn't care,
    Escaped the innocence that lessen your core,
    Me fixing problems here and there,
    Heighten the tension of the love you taste,
    I love you more than the music in heaven,
    You love me more than the heavens are high,
    Your eyes are fire flaming the deepness inside,
    My love grows stronger for you every day,
    Significantly marked with this seal of life,
    I can hardly breathe, when I'm near you,
    And you can barely speak,
    Genuine loved rise up our trust in truth,
    Your magnificence gave me its greatest splendor,
    Enormous change blended our souls,

    Wounded tears we sometimes felt,
    Woven in time of a shadows-day, your soul whispered,
    Thorns of yesterdays, today and tomorrows,
    Feed us a life of understanding we learn to respect,
    Conceived you possessed your own desires,
    I vent my about pain passed your delights,
    Severed alive from our heart did not put us under,
    Full of strife stuffing your mind with disbelief,
    Full of ambitions I could not let go of tomorrows,
    No need to worry, no need to fret,
    The unheard hearer, the unseen seer,
    The unsought thinker knows you best,
    Joining together this union that was determine,
    Deadlock in our love for one another,
    Soul-love was our greatest appetite.

    Etched my mind with the reminisce you bring,
    Seeing our hearts grow only made us better,
    Crystallized our soul-love even the more,
    Harmonized love sings to my memories,
    Sameness of our hearts pulled us together,
    Concentrate our thoughts pondering forever,
    Combined our soul in a world of sensations,
    You are the finest grains of beauty in height,
    Soaring graciously in love feeding our life
    Exquisite love in your eyes,
    See the windows of your soul alive,
    Nothing could come between us, nothing at all,

    Immortality loved us and kept us together,
    Sharing fate became a part of our soul,
    Rooted in love our hearts deep inside forever,
    Divinity enfolds these griping pleasures,
    Your soul is the breath of my life,
    My love opened your doors of heaven,
    Vitally connected us between what is pure,
    Sentient arrived and radiated our blaze,
    Strengthening our endeavors going beyond our cares,
    Enlightening our fruit this soul-love wears,
    My life has no meaning without you!
    And life meant nothing to you without me!

    Written By: DiLinda A. Hill


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