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Sunday, April 23

The Diamond

The story is told of a king who owned a valuable diamond,
one of the rarest and most perfect in the world.

One day the diamond fell and a deep scratch marred its face.

The king summoned the best diamond experts
in the land to correct the blemish, but they all agreed
they could not remove the scratch without cutting away
a good part of the surface, thus reducing the
weight and value of the diamond.

Finally one expert appeared and assured him that
he could fix the diamond without reducing its value.
His confidence was convincing and the king gave
the diamond to the man.

In a few days, the artisan returned
the diamond to the king, who was amazed
to find that the ugly scratch was gone,
and in its place a beautiful rose was etched.

The former scratch had become
the stem of an exquisite flower!

"God can turn the "scratches" on our souls into something beautiful."

From: "God's Little Lessons on Life for Mom,"
Honor Books of Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1999. p. 67

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