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Friday, November 17


The morning light is breaking, Lord
Another day is here,
Life's problems must again be met
With heart and vision clear.

Strength for today I ask, Dear Lord,
Strength only for today
Renew my faith, my hope revive
Illuminate my skies of grey.

For yesterday is past, Dear Lord,
Tomorrow I never may see,
Today alone lies in my grasp
To use or lose for eternity.

Help me to lend a helping hand,
To dry the fallen tears,
To give to all whose life has touched mine
Some comfort or good cheer.

Help me to sink my poor weak self
With it's longings, hopes, and fears,
In service to my fellowman,
Battling through this vale of tears.

Just for today, day by day
Courage and strength I pray,
Garnering the good, forgiving the wrong,
'Til I've lived my last today.

Author Unknown

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