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Tuesday, November 14

How to have a winning day

To have a winning day, concentrate on the twenty one MORE THANS...

Listen more than you talk.

Give more than you get.

Smile more than you frown.

Think we more than me.

Agree more than you disagree.

Compliment more than you criticize.

Laugh more than you cry.

Clean up more than you mess up.

Build up more than you tear down.

Be positive more than you're negative.

Be fascinated more than you're frustrated.

Walk the walk more than you talk the talk.

Be accepting more than rejecting.

See the cup half-full more than you see it half-empty.

Help more than you hinder.

Believe in yourself more than you doubt yourself.

Work more than you whine.

Do more than you don't.

Act more than you react.

Save more than you squander.

Care and love more than you are cared for or loved.

Author Unknown

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