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Sunday, November 26

A Message Of Hope

May God grant you His wisdom and His grace
For all of life's problems you have to face

May He encourage your heart and calm each fear
Comfort you and give you cheer.

When your best plans have been rearranged
And all around you things have changed

The pressure's on to just give in
To join the crowd 'cause you can't win..

May God draw you closer and closer to Him
When the days are long and your path grows dim

When clouds obscure the sunny skies
And through the darkness your worn heart cries.

When things go wrong, though you fight for right
You're weary from the long day's fight

Your pillow is wet with tears at night
No one to share, to know your plight.

May God hold you, enfold you in His care
Your burdens, your heartaches, your sorrows bear

Exchange your problems for a song
His angels guard you all night long.

May all your discouragements be left behind
In Christ a fresh, new courage find

And rise to face another day
Because the Saviour leads the way.

By Luella Sebo

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