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Wednesday, November 22

Please Help Us Sow Seeds

We are not here by chance.
God put us here for a purpose,
and our lives are never fulfilled and complete
until His purpose becomes the foundations
and centre of our lives.
Before we Go...

When our life has reached its very end,
And we take that final breath;
we want to know we've left behind,
Some "good" before our death.

We hope that in our final hour,
In all honesty we can say:
That somewhere in our lifetime,
we have brightened someone's day.

That maybe we have brought a smile
To someone else's face,
And made one moment a little sweeter
While they dwelled here in this place.

Lord, please be our reminder
And whisper softly in our ears ...
To be a "giver", not a "taker",
In the years we have left here.
Give to us the strength we need,
Open up our mind and our soul
That we might show sincere compassion,
And love to others before we go.

For if not a heart be touched by us,
And not a smile was left behind ...
Then the life that we are blessed with,
Will have been a waste of time.

With all our heart, we truly hope
To leave something here on earth ...
That touched another, made them smile
And gave to our life ... worth.

Author unknown

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